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Collegiate American School's Case Study

The organisation was founded in 2004 with the objective of providing 'world class' education. Since their inception they have been proud of their 'parent centric' vision that ensures that they place the interests of their students at the core of all decisions. The outcomes can be seen in the form of the excellent results in the final examinations of the graduating classes as well as university placements in premier institutions of the world. It is their constant endeavour to empower their students with a holistic, rigorous and international education for success in an ever changing world.

With 7,750+ students from more than 100 nationalities in the schools and nurseries, they are a culturally rich, international community. There is unity in the diversity with collaboration between students, parents and staff towards enhancing the educational experience of the students based on their core values of Achievement, Collaboration, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility at all levels.