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Jam Basketball Academy's Case Study

Established in January 2016, Jam Sports Club was co-founded and is managed by Mr Ahmad Sleiman, who, since 2000, was the pillar of basketball coaching and development in Lebanon as well as managing prestigious sports clubs and schools activities.

The academy provides extensive training in Basketball, Tennis and Inline skates for boys and girls from 4 until 18 years old, in our branch in Oud Metha. As it also offers a variety of after-school activities in several schools and nurseries like Basketball, Tennis, Inline Skating, taekwondo, football, Little Athletes, Ballet, Dance, Karate and swimming.

We believe that sport does not only strengthen the body and makes it stay healthy, but it also nourishes the mind and gives life lessons. This is why our professional coaches do not only emphasize on hard training, but also grab each opportunity in every session to teach the students good manners, positive competitiveness, positive habits, as they always give them hints on nutrition and healthy habits while always enjoying sports.

As we also believe that hard work can beat talent, this is why we never quit trying better and harder to work on our students and pass this belief to them. Based on that, we give our kids the opportunity to participate in local and international camps, local and international tournaments as well as weekly friendly games with local teams and clubs.