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about us

We are a technological advancement centric, new age venture, based on thriving innovation. We are the bridge that connects the market with the relevant innovation in the form of products/services.


We provide ecosystem to the companies/startups for their expansion to the Middle East.

why us



Our USP is the integration of the latest technology with traditional channels for businesses. We focus on developing a model which works with the online /offline market, incorporating advanced innovations and use them to create common synergies. We act as a catalyst for your business. It helps organizations to streamline their processes and allows them smoother expansion, outreach and provide sustainability for the future


The three pillars of expertise on which our organization stands are-


I d e n t i f y
I n n o v a t e
I m p l e m e n t 


Middlesex University Dubai Al Ghurair Sport Mansion Wafi InterContinental Hotels Group Danube Group Jam Basketball Academy Dynamics Sports Collegiate American School Amazon Noon Elabelz Jumia